Register Now And Help Us To Sponsor A Village In Africa!
We firmly believe in being socially responsible. And that core message is present throughout the entire Law of Attraction event.
We will donate 50% of all profits* raised directly towards sponsoring an entire village in Africa (just like the picture below). This village will have a school that will become a hub for the village providing education, parent meetings, teacher training and even a new well for the community.
50% of all profits* from ticket sales are going directly to the Unstoppable Foundation. That’s right, if you upgrade your ticket to LOA Summit – 50% will be automatically going towards sponsoring a whole village.
You’ll not only help yourself with the incredible knowledge sharing during Law of Attraction Summit – you’ll be able to impact the lives of others too.
Your Legacy
For each classroom we build, YOUR NAME will be put on a plaque along with all the other LOA attendees at the school in Africa. Feel good about helping yourself while helping others.
So you might be wondering now – what is the investment for the Law of Attraction Summit?
Well, we’re glad you asked…